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About Warren

Judge Warren Davis has been serving the citizens of Gwinnett County since 1984. Beginning as a Magistrate Judge, Warren rose the ranks, becoming Chief Magistrate Judge before being appointed to Superior Court in 2008. Graduating from the University of Nevada’s National Judicial College with a Master’s Degree in Judicial Studies, Judge Davis has both the experience and training needed to continue serving on our Superior Court Bench. 

Warren is committed to making Gwinnett County a safer community for everyone. He firmly believes that our county thrives when we embrace justice, and there is no justice for all unless all are fairly treated and heard. In order to keep Gwinnett safe and thriving, he has prioritized continuing educating himself and other attorneys, embracing the vast diversity we have here in Gwinnett, and ensuring that our court system is always at the forefront of innovation. His dedication to these pillars throughout his tenure has ensured that our Superior Court Bench is accessible to all and that everyone, both in and out of the courtroom, has the opportunity for a better future.

Warren is deeply passionate about bettering his home – Gwinnett County – both on and off the bench. When Warren isn’t on the bench, he is either teaching courses to new and aspiring attorneys and judges, taking courses to continue his own education, volunteering within our community, or going on adventures with his children and grandchildren. 

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